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Violently Mentally Ill Placed In group Homes With non medical staff Nationwide

Violently Mentally Ill Placed In group Homes With non medical staff Nationwide

Asking the wrong questions  In that link, the wrong questions are being asked.  One of the things that rings true, is that there is a lot of money to be made by having most of the mentally ill serviced by the private sector, and not in the hands of states.  Having mentally ill individuals living in community group homes, where individuals who aren’t licensed nurses, or other medical professionals dispensing medication is tragic and deadly, and not to mention that often people with aggressive behaviors are often a danger to other residents of these facilities, who generally house those who have developmental disabilities and sometimes are also disabled.  These other individuals aren’t able to defend themselves if there is violence in the home that the staff cannot control, and often time result in injuries, physically and psychologically. Then its up to the facility or company to report these incidents to the state should these things actually happen.

So are developmentally disabled adults and children, safe in homes with the violently mentally ill? and why no one is talking about it or advocating for their safety?

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A Schizophrenic, a Slain Worker, Troubling Questions – The New York Times


The rise in community residential facilities across this country, this is one subject that doesn’t get enough airtime, dangerous working conditions for workers tasked with helping the developmentally disabled and mentally ill live full lives.  Many of these homes are populated with individuals who have severe mental illnesses with histories of violent aggression, sexual inappropriate behaviors.  As this article points out, that many of these individuals aren’t appropriate for community residential housing, or housing that aren’t staffed with medical professionals who can immediately act on a volatile situation.

Another instance of violence in a community setting , In the link is a story, a worker had taken an individual to the store; which is often required by agencies receiving funding that they take violently aggressive individuals into the community to shop, and do normal activities. While in the store the individual attacked someone. This is also a common problem in residential group home settings and that is, violently aggressive individuals are taken out into the community and attacking people or even their staff.  To add the that problem, many staff of these homes are not allowed to physically restrain the individual forcing them and members of the community to involve the police.

Rescare Employee killed

For decades there have been work by mental health advocates to  do away with psychiatric hospitals, and to do away with medication that can inhibit dangerous behaviors in individuals because it was deemed a chemical restraint. Often times family members themselves are against medications to inhibit violent behaviors being given to their loved ones, with no recourse for employees who often risk their lives providing care.  In this case, the woman was 66 alone in a home with a violent male with a mental illness.

Employee and consumer raped at group home by consumer 

Companies are also tasked with providing a safe environment for residents and employees, and when that doesn’t happen, can be fined for neglect of a resident, and fined by the OSHA.


Gov. Scott places blame for 9 deaths directly on Hollywood nursing home | Miami Herald

Many of these nursing homes receive roughly $5,000 to $6000 a month for patients, to think that each would get quality care is a stretch. 

Although, I do have some questions. 

For those that have family in the area, why do families not fight these facilities for quality care and hold them accountable? 

For the staff that work at these facilities why don’t they care enough to report facility for any number of the conditions they work under, which some are actually unsafe? 

Perhaps, the bigger problem is people don’t care.  

Black Parenting : Agents Of White Supremacy.

Black Parenting : Agents Of White Supremacy.

Over the course of a few days I watched a conversation revolve around a video(still circulating after a year) of a black child having a melt down in a barber shop.  Most of the adults that commented on the post suggested that the child(no older than 5) needed to be beat, whooped, and a number of other things, but no one said that the child needed love, understanding,  reassurance or time.

I have for some time been of the mind that black parenting is the biggest contributor to the failed state of urban black America.  While there may have been some successes among certain groups of young people in various parts of the country, the truth remains, that too many consistently dominate the prison system, have high rates of single parent homes, and domestic violence issues.

Today we have more activists that will rally around combating racism and police brutality, but will not speak up for black youth suffering in toxic households.

In the link below we have one such example of how the very group of persons who give life to every black man that has ever lived, continues to produce products for white supremacy…..Kevin McCall opens up to Iyanla about the beating he received as a child.

Mother taught him violence

In a Second video clip the mother speaks as if she isn’t sorry and that her religious awakening had changed her, but unfortunately she already taught her son(Along with his father) violence.

Which begs the question black America, Why do you think so little of black children’s humanity?

Black women in particular are the primary caregivers to almost all black children in America, and are tasked with providing nurturing, love and time commitment to the lives they choose to bring into this world, in return we these same black men abuse black women and sometime express disdain for some black women, and we are to believe that it comes from an external source.  If you beat black boys, tell them to shut up, and sit down, and to not ask questions you are training them to be products for white supremacy.  When you have children that you pass off to other people to spend most of the day with, not bonding with them, you are producing products for white supremacy.

For those that say they turned out fine, and validated their need to be beaten as children, you too, are a product of white supremacy.

Breaking The Taboo Of Atheism In The Black Community.

This is a video from London Black Atheists (London England). I enjoyed the articulation and stories from the panel, and hope that you will be encouraged and enlightened as well.

I hope that one day Christianity will lose its grip on the black community.