Asking the wrong questions  In that link, the wrong questions are being asked.  One of the things that rings true, is that there is a lot of money to be made by having most of the mentally ill serviced by the private sector, and not in the hands of states.  Having mentally ill individuals living in community group homes, where individuals who aren’t licensed nurses, or other medical professionals dispensing medication is tragic and deadly, and not to mention that often people with aggressive behaviors are often a danger to other residents of these facilities, who generally house those who have developmental disabilities and sometimes are also disabled.  These other individuals aren’t able to defend themselves if there is violence in the home that the staff cannot control, and often time result in injuries, physically and psychologically. Then its up to the facility or company to report these incidents to the state should these things actually happen.

So are developmentally disabled adults and children, safe in homes with the violently mentally ill? and why no one is talking about it or advocating for their safety?


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